11 March, 2020

April 15 FREE • WINE Mixer: 6pm • Discussion: 6:30pm  Our bodies and our minds are gifts. Yet, for many LGBTQ+ people, access to medical and behavioral health care can be both challenging and traumatic. From stigma and hostility many face in professional health environments to the rising costs of specialized care, queer folks just haven't been getting all the services we need. How can we lift our voices and be present to fight for equity if we're under the weather? In what ways i [...]


22 January, 2020

March 11 FREE • WINE Mixer: 6pm • Discussion: 6:30pm  Over the past two decades, many in our community have been striving to make room for self expression. Still, so many have no actual rooms to call their own. Whether couchsurfing or sleeping on sidewalks, LGBTQ+ people (especially youth) continue to face home instability at alarmingly high numbers. In what ways can our community help provide a secure space for queer individuals to thrive? What strategies can we implement that a [...]


22 January, 2020

February 12 FREE • WINE Mixer: 6pm • Discussion: 6:30pm  Love is power and a source of joy. It is also the objection to love that fuels homophobia. It is the absence of love that strengthens transphobia. How do we process and articulate love as a value? In consideration of members from diverse backgrounds, how are we adapting our language, our choices, and our fight for equality to demonstrate that love not only binds us but strengthens our community? Es poder. Es una fuente [...]


05 September, 2019

January 15 FREE • WINE Mixer: 6pm • Discussion: 7pm  From Compton’s Cafeteria to Stonewall, our legacy of demanding freedom from homophobia and transphobia forms the backbone of Pride. Are we really free if the LGBTQ+ community is still disproportionately incarcerated? Or if our transgender and queer family and friends of color face even greater likelihood of prejudice-driven imprisonment? Do we expand our commitment to liberation, and if so, what will freedom look like? Dow [...]


05 September, 2019

December 11 FREE • WINE Mixer: 6pm • Discussion: 7pm  We are hard at work! You can find our LGBTQ+ family in boardrooms and cubicles, department stores and factory floors. Yet, queer people still make less than their heterosexual counterparts. And for all the jobs, why are members of our community still in fear for their careers or even access to work that treats them to dignity without bullying? Let’s discuss what role economic strength and equity plays in our future. [...]


05 September, 2019

November 20 FREE • WINE Mixer: 6pm • Discussion: 7pm  Our community’s rich cross-cultural bedrock exists because we are found in every borough and bay from sea to shining sea. How do we envision our mosaics of languages, cultures, and heritage as we advance the intersection of LGBTQ+ identity with a tense national narrative calling into question the value of new immigrants. How do and can we respond? [...]